Deciding to make the plates for my wedding celebration

Deciding to make the plates for my wedding celebration

Soon after getting engaged in April '23 I knew exactly how I wanted my wedding to feel. We quickly decide to hold the wedding in Joshua Tree in October '24. A place that really represents our laidback nature. Joey (my fiance) and I have spent the past 10 years of our relationship traveling the world including driving cross country 3 times with our senior pup. Joshua Tree felt like the right move for so many reasons but most importantly it wasn't Long Island, NY. Don't get me wrong we love living here but being a retired bridal hair stylist and working countless wedding seasons here, we knew immediately it wasn't our vibe. 

So now came the planning, we found a venue (a dessert house) that felt just right and we could customize it to really fit in to who we are and what we love. 

At the time of our engagement I was working on my first large commission - Nearly 200 plates for a local business. It had its challenges but I learned so much from it. So obviously the first thing I thought of was .. I have to make the plates for my wedding! I was ready this time and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

Well this spring almost a year after having this idea I have started the undertaking of making plates again but this time with a very special gathering in mind.

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